Monday, 24 July 2017

A light DIY modern, rock inspired mirror

Hello everyone!
Hope you're doing fine.
Well it's been such a long time that I did not post anything here (from January -thaaat long!) and this happened for a number of reasons: First of all, as many of you know, my family and me moved to Luxembourg. That is not an excuse you may think. Yeah, probably you' re right but the thing is I do have a lot of stuff to be occupied with here (as I like to say 'such a small country so many things to do').
Second of all, some months ago I opened an account on Instagram and I am pretty excited about it, so I post most of my activities there which is something I enjoy because I prefer photos do the talkin' at this moment in my life.
Last but NOT least, I have no diy/jewelry making activity right now due to the fact I have not brought all this equipment here since we moved in such a great rush (we had to find an apartment, move and do all the paper work in less than 2 months!). This is something I missed terribly and now that I return to Greece for vacation I am going to fix it pronto (Oh yes, all the craft equiment is going to be triumphantly reunited with its anxious owner!).

Nevertheless, I did manage to do an one and only craft this period of time because I had to 'fill' an empty wall. The wall decoration in rentals -here in Luxembourg- is a pretty complicated story since the renters are entitled to do very very tiny holes on the wall (or not at all at some 'strick landlord' cases).
So, I wanted to create a very light mirror fixture because I could not hang the heavy mirrors I had at home. Moreover, I had to use all the beer caps I kept all this time which were in fact quite lovely and extraordinary (pink elephants, cherries, dwarves, guillotines (!) and many colorful logos from a number of different Luxembourgish, German and Belgian beers).

To make a long story short, I did a light and modern mirror with very few materials: Just a mirror, a good glue,a hanger triangle hook and the beer caps, of course.
First of all I had to see how many beer caps I needed in each beer cap circle I made (I also tried to put them in a way that no identical cap was next or close to another).

Then, I glued one by one, the one next to the other, and I made the first circle of the mirror frame.
After that, I glued the second circle quite close to the first one.
I waited for about a couple of hours (that of course depends on the kind of glue you have -make sure that it is a strong one and also do not use a glue gun because it 'll make things messier than easy. I for example used this one which proved to be great for the job).

Finally, when I was pretty sure that the beer caps were very steady, I glued the triangle hook at the back of the mirror.
And there you are!
A light, easy to make, modern, rock inspired mirror!
I'm ready to read your comments.

Till next time
Take care

Friday, 20 January 2017

A fresh start in Luxembourg

Hello there,
Hope you are doing fine!
Well me, I'm having a great time in the new country that my family and me have moved to about four months ago: Luxembourg.
I know I should have written more about all of this earlier, but  I preferred to curb the enthusiasm and express my feelings when I have a pretty good picture of it (well as much as anyone could have of a country in such a short period of time, that is!).
So in a few words what can  I say about Luxembourg? I just looooooove it!
It's a beautiful country with an amazing natural beauty and a fairy tale atmosphere in almost everything about it!
And when I say everything I totally mean everything.
From the landscape to the architecture of buildings (from the ones of the Medieval era till the most recent) as well as the country's public administration in all fields of life (which is something that looks like a fairy tale to a Greek!).
No wonder  why this country is supposed to have such happy inhabitants in global ranking!

Here are some photos from some short walks and trips we have had in various towns, villages and sights.
I promise there'll be much more!
Till then, take care!

View of Grund from Le Chemin de la Corniche -"Europe's most beautiful balcony"

The ArcelorMittal Building in Rue de la Liberte

The Vianden castle

Place Guillaume II at Christmas time

Christmas market -Golden lady

Monday, 26 December 2016

Happy holidays from Luxembourg!

Hello from Luxembourg!
Although my absence in the blogosphere has been enormous these past months (a fact that I promise to change shortly!) I would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

I send you -along with my love and wishes- a song from my favorite teen idol whose tragic, sudden loss came as a shock and  a sad addition to the long list of artists who farewelled us in 2016.
Goodbye George!
We surely are going to miss you!
And those of us who had the chance to enjoy your live appearance at OAKA stadium in Athens several years ago, we will always keep a sweet memory of you, your UNBELIEVABLE voice and your sense of humor apart from your great, deep,sentimental songs.
A night to remember!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Diy pendant lamp with doilies

Hi everyone!
Hope you're doin' fine!
It's been ages since my last post but there are so many things going on in my life right now that it was almost impossible for me to blog about it (Nevertheless I do  tremendously admire people who are pretty busy but still manage to find the time to blog about everything!).
I promise I will post more in the future though, as I have lots of things to write about.
Anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is because I would like you to see one of my diy creations that I made about a couple of months ago.
It's a pendant lamp made with doilies (I used the ones my husband inherited from his aunt) and it decorates my hubby's mountain house for quite sometime now.
Before I started the project I asked Anna from inmycloset -who is a crafts guru and knows all the little secrets about  how to turn a project into a success-and she gave me some very helpful advice about the glue and the proportion I would use in order to mix it with water (This may not make sense right now but once I explain the procedure it will).

Now for this project you will need:

One big white balloon (The bigger the better!)
A pair of gloves (Cause things will get reaaal messy!)
Water (The proportion I've been telling  you about is 1:1 so that the glue is strong enough on the doilies but not too thick so that glue stains remain on them)
A small paintbrush
A pin
A pair of scissors
A lamp cord (I used IKEA Hemma cord)
A light bulb (make sure it's a led one so that there is no high temperature close to the doilies)
Thread and needle

Now the whole craft is pretty easy:
You pumb up a balloon, you put it in a large bowl so that it will be steady once you put the glue with the paintbrush on it and then you put  the doilies in the glue.

After that, you put the doilies one by one on the balloon and you make sure there are no holes between them (that means that the one must be a little on top of the other).

Then after you finish this stage you put some extra glue on top of all of them for a better final result.
(Τhere was a doily left so -as you can see in the picture- I decided to put it on a bowl and make something out of it in the future).
You wait for 24 hours!Pleease be patient!
Then you use the pin so that the balloon loses air and after that you remove it carefully.

Tadaaa!You have a sphere made with doilies!

At this point you should remove the glue remains from the holes of the doilies with a knife so that the holes are clean.
Then you cut the top of the sphere a little and you put the lamp cord.
Finally, you sew the top a little so that the cord is well fixed on the doilies.
And there you have it!

A diy pendant light made with doilies!
Easy peasy!
Hope you like it..
Till next time!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Secret Bunny 2016

Hello everyone!
Hope you're doing fine. As many of you (Greek bloggers) know, Zina from Ef Zin creations has once more successfully organized the Secret Bunny Easter gift exchange.

In a previous post I have given you a glimpse of the things I have prepared for my secret bunny.

I've made a necklace just for her in two of her favorite colors, purple and white.
I also put inside the package some Easter chocolate goodies and a little handmade card with Easter wishes.
Now that the game is finally over, I can reveal the identity of my secret bunny: It is Aimilia from Prosinemi, a very talented crafter and blogger who creates lovely jewelry, Easter candles, bookmarks etc. so please check her out!

And now let me show you the things I got from my personal secret bunny:

Despoina from The Smell of Mommy and All beauty included has prepared an absolutely fabulous package for me.
She decorated a small pink wooden box with the decoupage technique in Easter patterns.
She also gave me a pair of earrings and a necklace, along with a rosemary scented body oil.
What's more, she put in the box a cute turquoise blue ribbon for my baby girl.
It was a such a lovely surprise!
Thank you so very much Despoina!
P. S. Thank you Zina for organizing all of this! Once more, we' ve had a great time!
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